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How I leveraged stakeholder relationships to transform student achievement ?


The Real Relationships that Transform Student Achievement framework, is an ideal system that allows educators to strategically attack the barriers that stop them from building relationships with parents, students and other educators.

“…a meta-analysis indicates that on average, teachers who had high-quality relationships with their students had 31 percent fewer discipline problems, rule violations, and related problems over a year’s time than did teachers who did not have high-quality relationships with their students.” - Robert Marzano

As a 13 year urban educator, I have seen how the power of real stakeholder relationships can positively affect student achievement especially in urban neighborhoods. Before becoming an educator, I was in the financial services industry and my success in that field strictly depended on the quality of my relationship with my clients and peers. In my first year of teaching, I wasn’t confident in my instructional expertise or my pedagogical approach to teaching. All I had to rely on was my ability to develop relationships with my students and other veteran teachers. Once I established those relationships, I leveraged them to learn more about teaching and more about how my students learned. Utilizing these relationships, helped my students achieve the most growth on their state testing, my class had the highest attendance percentage, and the lowest amount of behavior misconducts. As I have matriculated through my educational career, I have held roles such as Dean of Students, Grade Level Chair, Assistant Principal, and Principal and I have helped other educators implement systems and change their mindset around the power of real stakeholder relationships.

The framework helps educators identify the barriers that stop them from building real relationships with each stakeholder group, develop a growth mindset around the importance of building real relationships with stakeholders, and easy systems/interventions to implement to help ensure they are building real relationships.

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