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Mind over Matter

Why was the “Mind over Matter” journal created?

Mind over Matter is a journal that provides daily affirmations, declarations, and reflections for educators. As a 14 year urban educator, I have had to look to music, books, podcast, and other platforms for daily affirmation in order for me to do my job at a high level. I truly believe I have made it this far, because I have strengthened my MIND and anything not associated with the success of my students did not MATTER.


Many educators are driven to the field based on their passions and not their paycheck and sometimes all you need is someone or something to reassure you that all of the frustration and pain is worth it. Mind over Matter is a collection of 30 daily affirmations, motivations and reflections to help you become the best educator you can be. The most successful people are the most reflective people in this journal, you will find prompts that enlist you to reflect how they show up in your professional practice as an educator.

How do you use the “Mind over Matter” journal?

This journal has been developed for you to be equipped with words of wisdom, encouragement, and motivation to get through your days as an educator. This journal can be used to start your day off or to end your day. The 30-day journal is made to affirm and pour back into you, because you pour so much out on a daily basis.

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